KD is staying with the Nets

Kevin Durant ‘s trade request earlier this summer sent shock waves around the Association and his potential landing spot has been at the forefront of NBA discussions ever since.

A recent weekend meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai seemed to signal the two sides had potentially come to an impasse as reportedly Durant laid down an ultimatum of either him o. the pairing of head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks. After the meeting, Tsai came out in support of Nash and Marks, leading to speculation, that we think was erroneous,that KD would sit out, hold out or even retire if his demands were not met.

All that appears to be a moot point as the two sides have smoothed out the issues that caused schism , as according to a released issued by Marks Tuesday morning, Durant and the Nets and agreed to move forward together, thus ending the trade request.

However Durant was not the only Nets star whose future with thee team was on tenuous grounds. Kyrie Irving’s name has been bantered about in trade discussions since the team decided not to sign him to an extension, as he is in the last year of his current contract, a 4-year, $136 million deal signed July 6, 2019.

The Nets have reportedly informed interested clubs they intend on retaining the All-Star guard

With their two best players seemingly back in the fold, for now, Brooklyn can now focus on moving forward and incorporating Ben Simmons ( if he can take time away from his busy schedule of doing everything except being a professional basketball player) into the lineup and now look to have a healthier and less drama-filled season that what transpired last year.

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