Kyrie open to rejoining Lebron James?

The tearing asunder of the Kyrie , Lebron, Kevin Love triumvirate is well-known, although the exact reasons are not. Since Kyrie went easy to Boston, the two have occasionally trade thinly veiled ( and not so thinly-veiled) barbs at each other.

The way things ended it would seem like the last thing one could expect to see was, outside of all-star or international play, the two of them running on the same team again and the two of the would want to keep it that way.


Well according to Ric Buecher of Bleacher Report The Boston Celtics point guard is “genuinely interested” in reuniting with Lebron James. He quotes a source close to the Celtics who said of his interest as “that is real.”

If this reunification were to happen, it would be on the Lakers. Considering the uncertainty of the long term status of Kyrie with the Celtics and the Anthony Davis trade rumours swirling around the the Lakers, Celtics and Pelicans, it could happen but the Lakers landing all three may be highly unlikely.

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