Laker players snap at and get booed by fans, team is headed nowhere fast

The Los Angeles Lakers are unraveling right before our very eyes.

This supposed “superteazm” had championship expectations placed on them by the most delusional of laker fans ,LeBron sycophants and t his contingent of of fanboys masquerading as media members, has fallen flat on its face, Rather than fighting for conference and overall league supremacy, the 2021-22 Lakers have been a consistent occupant of the bottom portion of the Western Conference. With every loss the prospect of a championship become more distant than Alpha Centauri; even the playoffs for this ball club s becoming more of a pipe dream.

The underachievement, injuries to key players, combined with the ever-present media noise that surrounds the Lakers as well asana team that LeBron James is a member of has contributed to the fractures in the Lakers organization are revealing themselves.

If the seemingly decaying relationship between the LeBron James camp and Lakers was another indication there are issues in Lakerland then the incident at Sunday night’s game was a sing that the dysfunctional environmental mistaking a toll on the players.

As the Lakers were in the midst of a 123-95 beatdown at the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans , at separate moments, Lebron James and Trevor Ariza sniped back at fans who were heckling them. Lebron reportedly telling a fan, “What do you know about basketball other than the ball going in or not. Shut yo a– up” and Ariza saying, I don’t give a f–k what you are! You are a b-tch! How about that?”

This didn’t happen in Boston, Sacramento or some other NBA outpost where the Lakers are not favored guests. This took place in the arena that will always be fondly remembered as the Staples Center and went along with booing that reached a crescendo in the game’s final minutes, showing even the Laker faithful have had enough of this team.

The Los Angeles Lakers have now sunk to a level not even seen in the post-Magic apocalypse when Sedale Threatt and company were running games on the Great Western Forum floor. This iteration of the Lakers is the NBA version of reality tv that features a level of drama and dysfunction that could rival any of those atrocious Housewives shows. Since the team does not possess a flux capacitor equipped DeLorean to go get the younger version of their roster, mere boobirds will soon be the least of their concerns.

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