Lebron continues his campaign to hijack and monopolize media coverage

The Denver Nuggets are in their first NBA Finals, where they will face the Miami Heat, after sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. However that achievement has been an afterthought, as the mainstream sports media has been full steam ahead with force-feeding Lakers coverage. They have spent more time speculating on what moves this team that failed to make the Finals will make in a season that has yet to take place, than the team that made the Finals in the season that is currently happened.

Specifically, LeBron James managed to displace the Nuggets as the center of attention by hinting at retirement.

However he was not done in his attempts to siphon attention back towards himself.

This from James’ Instagram story earlier in the week:

The LeBron James Pep Band will explain this away by saying that he’s merely quoting Jay-Z lyrics, however, James has a history of self-aggrandizing social media posts and this is also the same guy who self-stamped himself as the greatest player of all time. This post was also comes recently after former teammate Ray Allen did not have James in his all-time starting lineup, but had him listed as the sixth man, which many LeSycophants took exception to. It’s clear what he is really trying to say.

It is clear this is another attempt to direct media attention his way and it’s an act that is wearing thin with basketball fans.

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