LeBron says he will stay out of Lakers front office business

LeBron James says he will not meddle with the Lakers front office in terms who they will attempt to sign in free agency.

You may need to re-read that because you are either doubled over in laughter or your eyes have rolled to the back of your head in sheer incredulity.

That’s right, according to a recent article on Lebronwire, LeBron Ramone James has stated publicly he will actually allow the front office to do their jobs unencumbered by his influence.


Colloquially referred to by some fans as “LeGM” it is his behind the scenes machinations that operate as many times, a not so hidden hand, that has led to over 70 trades that have occurred with LeBron James teams. So widespread is the perception of LeBron steers the direction of front office decision making that his teammates are heckled with the chants of “LeBron will trade you” if they underperform.

LeBron completely absolving himself of attempting to exercise his influence in personnel matter is a seems to be a style as unlikely to change as his play style on the court.

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