Love Sneakers and Pizza? Pizza Hut has got you covered

Pizza Hut is now in the sneaker world. That’s right, you read that correctly. This not in the form a collaboration with a sneraker brand, but carries only the logo of the pizza giant. The “Pie Tops” is a limited edition high top sneaker that was the brainchild of ad agency Droga5 and were handmade by the Shoe Surgeon, aka Dominic Chambrone.

A special button on the tongue allows the wearer to be connect with a Pie Tops application that orders the pizza for you.


Pizza Hut’s “Pie Tops” sneaker. (Image via ADWEEK)








VP of Media and Marketing for Yum Brands, David Daniels told AdFreak Pizza Hut loved the idea of the sneakers.

“We loved it. This is one of those ideas that as soon as we saw it, we wanted to buy it. It hit everything we wanted to communicate in this window in a fun, really relevant way. And it was beautifully tied to the thematic of the tournament and the season…..As far as we know, this has never been done before,” Daniels says. “We feel it’s highly culturally relevant. Sneakers are hot. We’ve enlisted a really cool professional to design these shoes for us—the Shoe Surgeon out of L.A. These 64 pairs are handmade, and pretty cool.”


Now before you start planning where you need to be to get a pair, pump your brakes; there are only 64 pairs that were made. That number coincides with the number of teams in the NCAA Tournament. These will likely be earmarked for media members and influencers who can amplify Pizza Hut’s message of the ease of ordering from digital devices( phones, laptops, tablets, Alexa-enabled devices) and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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