Make A Free Throw! 

Last night I watched the Clippers beat the trailblazers, I knew the inevitable parade to the free-throw line with DeAndre Jordan as the grand marshal would soon ensue. Once again we were treated to Jordan’s consistent bricks from the charity stripe. While he was an abysmal 8-18, his usual fashion on ineptitude didn’t hurt and the clippers as Portland was an able to capitalize on the bounty of misses.

Deandre Jordan is held up as the posterman as why the Hack-A strategy needs to be eliminated.


I know some people absolutely hate the hack-a-[insert horrendously bad free throw shooter] strategy, citing it slows down the game and renders it unwatchable, as if every second of every game is chock full of heart stopping, pulse pounding action. I , on the other hand, really have no issue with the ploy, and I have discussed it at length on our sports channel. The idea of changing rules to address this is ridiculous. Rules alterations are not the solution; better free throw shooting is. The charity stripe

bricklayers of the Association should not be bailed out by asinine rules changes. These players need to get their keisters in the gym and shoot free throws until they can hit them in their sleep; do that and the Hack-a becomes a non-factor. Your free throw percentage has no business looking like some guys’ three point numbers. Adam Silver and the NBA, if you are reading this (which you likely are not), do not give these players an out!

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