Making a Difference: Sneaker drives donates over 100 pairs of sneakers to California school

A conversation resulted in some students at North Highlands California’s F.C. Joyce K-8 School getting some much needed shoes..

Danielle Jones , who is known as “Coach Buckets” was relaying a conversation she had regarding a student .

Jones recalled, “I look at his feet, and he’s wearing slippers. He didn’t have sneakers.

The story reached Tom Tran , who is a basketball director with the NorCal Dynasty AAU basketball program, who decided to get involved. A sneaker drive was organized and within a few days over 100 pairs of socks and sneakers had been collected.

Student Jordan Salvo was stunned when the donated sneakers , socks and gym bags were delivered last Monday, saying “This is crazy. I can’t believe this. It’s so cool how people would donate all this to us.”

Sixth grader Keyvon Rhodes said, “This is amazing.”

The kindness of the gesture nearly had the unintentional catalyst of this outpouring of goodwill, Coach Buckets nearly in tears, saying, “It feels awesome. I’m so overjoyed right now. I know these kids work so hard and some parents may not be able to afford to do this.”

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