“Mambacita” Nike Kobe VI Protro coming May 1 on SNKRS Early Access

I had a suspicion that somehow Nike would louse up the ”Mambacita” Kobe VI Protro release. I thought they would likely get “Doernbechered” , meaning a shoe meant to benefit a good cause would largely be absorbed by resellers, the price inflated to an astronomical level, not only tarnishing the purpose of the release but effectively locking out many of the true enthusiasts of that shoe.

It seems that by the decision to release the ”Mambacita” via Exclusive Access on the SNKRS app, a platform already synonymous with leaving sneakerheads unfulfilled , has all but ensured that is precisely what will happen.

Per a tweet from Nike Basketball, these will be ”available” May 1 in select regions through early access via the SNKRS application.

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