Montana man facing felony following alleged sneaker theft

Our crisscrossing of this nation chronicling sneaker-related imbecilery takes us to Great Falls, Montana, where a local man is on the verge of ruining his life over leather and rubber.

Alex Joseph Mondragon, 23, is charged with felony burglary and the misdemeanors criminal mischief an theft. On January 22, 2018, Great Falls police responded to a call where a homeowner reported multiple items missing, incluing some vintage Adidas sneakers. According to court records, the front door of the home had been kicked in and the frame was damaged. The homeowner suspected that Mondragon was the responsible party.

Local police located Mondragon and when they spoke with him, according to police reports, he was wearing the shoes in question. He admitted to breaking in the home and stealing the items.

Mondragon was arrested and prosecutors have requested his bail be set at $5,000.

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