NBA relaxes sneaker color restrictions for upcoming season

ESPN’s Nick DePaula has reported that league sources have confirmed that for the first time in NBA history, players will be allowed to wear sneakers of any color of their choice any time this coming season.

The move is apparently part of the league’s continual effort to allow its players to be more expressive on the court ( as long as it doesn’t involve showing legitimate emotion I’m sure).

This is certainly a far cry from the NBA’S previous footwear restrictions. Historically, the sneakers had to be 51% white or black with minimal team accenting permitted.

The late 2000’s saw the league open up the allowed footwear to full team colors. In 2012 this was expanded to “theme nights” which meant for holidays and other moments like Christmas, Veteran’s Day and Black History Month. Gold-accented sneakers were permitted during the NBA Finals and when clubs are awarded their rings the next season.

Third-party logos will still be subject to league restrictions and will have to be preapproved by the NBA. “Sharp protruding objects or reflecting elements” like chrome are still restricted.

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