Nike Pays Homage to UCONN’s 10th National Title


With their 63-53 victory over Notre Dame, the UCONN women’s basketball team, with Geno Aruiemma at the helm, claimed their 10 national title. For the Husky fans, the official T-shirt from Nike, available at at the conclusion of the title game. The navy shirt reads “TRADIO10N” in red across the front,and is inspired by Coach Auriemma’s favorite quote,”Tradition never graduates. For the victory parade, members of the Husky squad rocked a custom Kobe Emerge Hyper Elite Hoodie as well as an iD version of the Kobe X in a navy,red and grey color with a metallic gold Swoosh and specked midosle. The number “10” on the lateral heel celebrates UCONN’s 10 titles.







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