Nike puts black man in dress in online advert

For decades, companies from nearly every industry have found away to make fun of for flat out disrespect black people. That still happens today, but while companies and industries got to be nearly as overt as they with their derision, they have to exercise more subtlety with anti-black sentiment, however those with a discerning eye can usually scope it out from a mile away.

A tried and true tatic, as it relates to black is emasculation by putting them in dresses under the guise of “comedy.” It is a tired trope that has been in play for decades typically seen in television shows and movies and now this degenerate practice has infested the sneaker world via Nike.
Nike Sportswear recently released the advert seen below, which according to the verbiage, is supposed to honor basketball history through stylish and comfortable clothing and how did they think would be the must effective way to convey that message?

A black man in a dress.

The infamous advert

I have played basketball all over this nation and even in other parts of this tiny blue ball we call Earth. I am a student of the history of this great game we call basketball and I  definitively say that wearing dresses has not or is not part of hoops culture. 

That advert had nothing to do with peddling Air Force Ones,  rather it reeks with the stench of yet another attempt to put a black face on abnormal and degenerate behavior. Make no mistake, despite what the media and their minions attempt to foist on the populace, men parading about in dresses and the regalia of a woman as something that should be celebrated. Quite frankly, it speaks to the devolution of society in that fear of ruffling the feathers of the more deranged sector of humanity has purchased the silence of so many from sufficiently speaking truth to power on this subject. 

It is not lost on me that Nike would once again decide to unleash yet another round of contempt directed at black people, black men in particular in this case, when were it not for the exploits of a black man, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, that Nike may not even still be in business and certainly not the juggernaut they are present day. 

We attempted to get comments from Nike, but our inquiry went unanswered.

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