Nike Zoom Kobe IV Protro does not have full-length Zoom Air

Back in 2017, there was a major kerfuffle regarding the misrepresentation of the technology in the, at the time, recently retroed Air Jordan 15. It was discovered that the sneaker only contained Zoom Air in the heel and not in the forefoot as well as it was described in its product page on SNKRS. It was initially noticed by nightwing2303 of Wear Testers and then further bolstered a dissection conducted by Chinese sneaker website Fast Pass.

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@jumpman23 — false advertising at its finest? Where'd that forefoot Zoom Air unit go? This is what you call remastered? Bad enough you call that synthetic leather full grain but then you take the tech out… SMH. If you paid $190 for these shells of a shoe that were made to look like the OG Air Jordan XV I'd get my money back if I were you. #WearTesters #NightwingKnows

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In response to the backlash, Nike and Jordan Brand offered a 25 percent discount on a single item on their next purchase or a full refund along with a 25 percent discount on a single item for those who returned their XV’s.

It appears the company has not learned their lesson, as it appears Nike has been less than truthful with the technology listed in the freshly released “Draft Day” Kobe IV. According to the initial press release the shoe was touted to contain a full-length Zoom Air unit, however further inspection by nightwing2303 revealed that not to be the case.

Several retailers and websites ,initially going off the published information from the company ,also purported them as having full-length Zoom on their websites ( some of which still have the erroneous information still listed). This is still somewhat flying under the radar, but Nike is obviously aware, as they changed the release on their news website to omit any reference to a full length zoom unit found in the 2019 version. It remains to be seen if Nike will have to accommodate potentially angry customers as they had to with the Air Jordan 15.

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