Our 33 Favorite Kobe Bryant Moments, Part IV

As we continue our countdown of our favorite Mamba moments, this segment focused, actually by sheer happenstance, on non- NBA regular season moments. Enjoy


18. His appearance at the Drew League

During the lockout that cancelled the preseason and compressed the 2011-12 season to 66 games, it wasn’t unusual to see many top NBA guys in summer leagues across the country. Lebron, Carmelo, CP3, Wade, KD and many others took to th summer circuit to stay as sharp as possible. Kobe made a semi-surprise appearance at the Drew League and alongside James Harden and others put on quite a show. Harden had 47, Kobe, 45 and hit the game winner at the buzzer.


17. The Lebron dunk ASG 2011

This was during the period of time where Lebron James would swoop in seemingly out of nowhere to erase countless fast break layups. His chase down blocks made almost a nightly appearance on sports shows. I always thought to myself, “you know Bron is coming, you have to throw it down.” Peering at Mr. James as he was coming down on the break, Kobe knew he was coming. A two handed stuff and a pat on the butt later, another moment was created.


16. The 1998 NBA All-Star Game

Though I was less than pleased with how the game was promoted as ” MJ v Kobe” and a passing of the torch, this was one my favorite All-Star games. It was actually a well played game, and that Jordan guy took home the MVP. It was Kobe’s first appearance on the All-Star stage and he showed he belonged.


15. The 2011 NBA All Star Game

The the contest was played in the Staples Center and from the tip, Kobe came out with the intent of mak9ng a statement in his house. 37 points later and his 4th ASG MVP with several impressive dunks ( an example being moment 17 on our list), screamed loud and clear that he wasn’t old nor tired.


14. The 2008 Olympic Gold Medal Game

For most of the 2008 Olympics, Kobe Bryant had been the defensive tone setter, but in the biggest moment, he lead the charge offensively. Kobe scored 13 points and handed out 2 assists in the final 8:13 of the game to help Team USA to a 118-107 victory over Spain


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