Our 33 Favorite Kobe Bryant Moments, Part III

23. The Steve Nash dunk

Taking Shane Battiers in college is fine and looked upon favorably. It has is place in the Association(especially if you have no way of vertically challenging the shot) but it can get you put on a poster. Steve Nash had to learn this lesson the hard way.



22. The Yao dunk

Personally, it was the first time I’d ever seen anyone dunk on Yao. Standing O’s were indeed in order.




21. Dunking Vincent Yarbrough right out of the league

Outside of age or injury, it’s rare to see someone’s career end right in front our eyes. After the around-the-back and reverse dunk on a hapless Vincent Yarbrough, he was never heard from again.




20. Posterizing Emeka Okafor and then Carl Landry

Even back in 2011, there were rumblings that Kobe had lost a step. Emeka Okafor and Carl Landry saw up close and personal that the stories of Kobe’s demise were greatly exaggerated and the Mamba had planets of bite still left.


19. The Dwight Howard dunk

Dwight Howard was a highly touted lottery pick for Orlando. He was thought to be the next dominant big man in the league and the best chance to fill the considerable void left when Shaquille O’Neal bolted for LA. After losing his man on a screen, Kobe gave the young center a rousing introduction to the NBA.






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