Our 33 Favorite Kobe Bryant Moments, Part II


28. Kobe’s sneaker free agency

After his departure from Adidas, Kobe came into the 2002-03 season sans a shoe deal. What ensued was an awesome season long sneaker smorgasbord. As he destroyed cats that season,Bryant rocked Nike, Jordan Brand, Reebok, as well as And1, just to name a few. I’m not sore if we will ever see such sneaker variety from a player of his caliber, but it was fun because you never knew what we was going to wear from game to game

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27. Surpassing 31,000 Career points

38 points on 13-21 shooting and he hit some incredibly difficult shots, eclipsing the 31,000 point mark along the way and adding 12 rebounds and 7 dimes as the Lakers were victorious 103-99.



26. November 30, 2006 against the Utah Jazz

For most players, scoring 30 is a pretty good night; Kobe did that in one quarter.  He finished the evening with 52, hitting 11 straight shots at one point.




25. and 24. First and last NBA points

After posting a donut in the scoring column in his NBA debut, two days later on November 5, 1996 against the Knicks he’s fouled on a drive to the hoop with a little over 11 minutes to go in the second quarter. He splits the pair of free throws to score one point in his three minutes of action that night.  20 years later and 33,640 points later , Kone would score the final two points of his career from the foul line  with 14.8 seconds left in the 4th quarter to gives his Lakers a 99-96 lead.

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