Our 33 favorite Kobe Bryant moments, part 1

The book on Kobe Bryant’s career has unfortunately been closed. All season long the Kobe farewell tour has garnered major attention, and rightfully so. In looking back on the legendary career of one Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant, we here at SneakerShopTalk decided ,over the next few days, to identify our favorite 33 moments from the Mamba’s 20 years in the Association. We hope you enjoy reliving these moments as much as we did.


33. The 1997 Slam Dunk contest


32. Taking Brandy to the prom

Back in the day, blue chip high school athletes were not the semi-celebs they are today, so it was quite newsworthy for the soon to be lottery pick to be accompanied to his prom by the R&B and television starlet.




31. When Kobe wore the Jordan jersey after Game 4 of the 2002 NBA Finals

Before the advent of that asinine and ridiculous dress code by Führer Stern, it was actually interesting and fun to see what players would wear to games. Championship belts, chains and well fitting suits have been replaced by suits and other garments that are at least one size too small and looks reminiscent of a reject from the “Beat It” After game 4 of the 2002 Kobe wore a Jordan jersey to the post game presser. He’d worn other jerseys from yesteryear to other press conferences but this was different. In addition to paying homage to Jordan,,but also produced one of the coolest images of Kobe, even to this day.



30. Afro Kobe

This is one specific moment but a period of time. We liked Afro Kobe and it is a shame we will only see him in pictures and videos.



29. The dunk over Crash and Kris Humphries

It was one of those dunks you didn’t see coming. Neither did Crash and Humphries.


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