Overseas Hoops: Israel will reportedly only allow entry to vaccinated foreign players

Foreign players will have to get vaccinated if they want to play for an Israeli team

By Eurohoops team at Eurohoops.net / info@eurohoops.net

The coronavirus pandemic will pose challenges to the teams in the upcoming season as well, and the Israeli League squads will have to deal with a particular one.

According to Sport5, the Ministry of Health will grant entry of foreign players to Israel by presenting a vaccination/recovering certificate. The unvaccinated will be required to sign a document in which they commit to being vaccinated. A player who refuses to sign – will not receive an entry visa. A seven-day quarantine is also necessary upon entry.

Some teams were already issued a warning for not having the above-mentioned commitment in the case of several players. The start of the competition has been postponed by a week to, among other things, allow the teams to prepare for the latest protocol.

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