“Sand Drift” Nike Go FlyEase on the way

The Nike Go Flyease displays both the bestow intentions and the worst motivations of the sneaker world. This shoe is designed to assist wearers of all capabilities to easily get into the sneaker; its patent-pending bi-stable hinge and middle tensioner allows for hands-free entry. The tensioner band holds the sneaker open or closed when the wearer wants to put them on or take them off.

While this is a tremendous endeavor that Nike undertook to serve those with physical limitations, the Go FlyEase also highlighted the lack of scruples amongst some in the footwear community with many resellers seeing this shoe as another opportunity to make a fast buck, denying first market access to those who they were intended.

With that being said, the “Sand Drift” Nike Go FlyEase is imminently anticipated at nike.com and select retail establishments; they will carry a 120 USD sticker price.

Nike Go FlyEase
Sand Drift/Light Soft Pink-Sail-Black

Official images of the “Sand Drift” Nike Go FlyEase was released by Nike and can be seen below

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