Sports media has so little to say about Chad Wheeler

It has been over a week since news broke of Chad Wheeler using his girlfriend’s face as a punching bag . Allegedly the former reserve offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks beat up his girlfriend for now bowing to him.

If you are not that familiar with that the case you, are not alone and that was no accident because the media, and particularly the sports media, has had very little to say about the incident. People like Michelle Beadle, Jamele Hill, and Jenny Taft, to name a few , have little to say on the inicident. This is a stark contrast to how other similar incidents have been reported on.

If you will recall, the sports media had all the smoke for Ray Rice , Joe Mixon and most recent Kareem Hunt. In each separate incident the reporting on these was non-stop and expanded outside of the sports media. Feminist groups chimed in ,and in the case of Ray Rice, he had to go on the apology tour. The aforementioned Taft even went as far to say that Hunt should be banned for life.

Even when some of the talking heads of the sports media finally bothered to getting around to discussing the Wheeler assault it was not done in the spirit of shedding light on this awful event. The only reason they gave the story any airtime at all was the pressure that was applied by the people on the ground. Even now, more than a week later they gave this story little more than passing lip service. What this is just another example of now the leanings of the sports media is merely a microcosm for the media as a whole, which is as long as you have the complexion for the protection ,your situation will be handled with kid gloves. I would like to admonish the sports media by saying they are without scruples but that, along with journalistic integrity were long ago sacrificed on the altars of attention shoving and narrative spinning. Their handling of this Chad Wheeler is just the latest example of how the sports media is not here to report the news. The slanting or outright omissions are just their weapons of to choice to kill objectivity and produce the predetermined narrative of their choosing.

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