Starbury to return to store shelves soon

Former NBA-er and current Chinese Basketball Association baller Stephon Marbury recently announced on his Instagram that his Starbury sneaker line would be brought back from the footwear graveyard.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

For those who may be unaware, Marbury initially launched his Starbury line in 2006 , they were marketed by Steve&Barry’s and was priced at $14.98 in an effort to make them more accessible to people than other brands with higher price points. The brand was discontinued in 2009 when Steve&Barry’s shut their doors

Marbury has taken to social media to proclaim that his sneakers that retail for $15 are produced in the same factories as Jordans and Nikes that retail for $200. I will admit that when they initially released back in ’06, I was quite the sneaker snob and would not give these kicks or the clothing the time of day, but I am happy to see the brand coming back.

Stay tuned for more information on precisely when the Starbury will ascend from the ashes.

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