Steph Curry says “Im good” on playing with Lebron

It’s no secret Lebron James loves playing with fellow great players. Over the past decade he’s done what he can to position himself to ball with some of the top talent in the league, which has contributed to his eight consecutive finals appearances and three championships during that span.

That sentiment may not be reciprocated amongst other upper echelon players. This has bore itself out over recent years with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard have all decided that, in the case of Irving no longer, playing with Lebron James would be in their best interests.

At a softer level we can add Stephen Curry’s name to that list. While doing an interview with 95.7 The Game, a recent audio of Lebron stating he’d like to play with three-time NBA champ.

Curry’s response was while “honoured” he was “good” on the idea.

Outside of exhibitions such as the NBA All-Star Game, Curry would be wise to stay as far away from LeBron as he can. For all of Lebron’s prodigious greatness, he can be akin to basketball Galactus, absorbing the talents for the primary benefits of the Lebron James System, sosking up the lion’s share of the credit and leaving a franchise bereft of resources in his wake.

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