Steve Nash out in Brooklyn, but Ime Udoka likely in

The Brooklyn Nets have gently fired, aka, “mutually parted ways” with head coach Steve Nash, in a move that was abrupt, but not terribly astonishing. The Nets have stumbled out of the blocks with a 2-5 start, despite having the third-highest payroll in the Association, two All-NBA level talents in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, an enigmatic All-Star in Ben Simmons and loads of shooting.

The confidence that the Nets claimed to have in Nash on the midst of the Kevin Durant trade request saga this summer took but seven games to wane.

Quite frankly, the only surprising element with this development is the fact that it took this long for Nash and the Nets to end their association. Although injuries and COVID forced Nash to enact 83 different lineups in the 161 games Nash never seemed to be the right man for the job, and he routinely got out-coached. Former Celtics head man Ime Udoka coached the socks off Nash in their postseason matchup last year in a manner that illuminated Nash’s shortcomings.

Shortly thereafter news has emerged that Jacque Vaughn assume the role of head coach, but the Nets are expected to go after, and if they can, hire suspended head coach Ime Udoka, a move that would be a significant upgrade. Although the thought of Udoka getting a job anywhere, anytime is enough to send them into a frothy-mouthed frenzy, (see Andrews, Malaika) his coaching prowess cannot be denied His previous sexual improprieties, while reprehensible, are not illegal and the settling of those matters should reside with personages who were directly involved as they see fit.

It will remain to be seen if Udoka can replicate the success he enjoyed with the Celtics last season when he turned them from a middling team until the top defense in the league and a conference champion.

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