Stupid Things People Do For Sneaker: Trio attack man for his expensive sneakers

The latest edition of humans losing the ability for solid cognitive function over sneakers takes us to Manhattan, where three goofballs decided to mug someone for their kicks. 

Three men are being sought by police in connection with a robbery of some high priced sneakers. 

On January 25 at approximately 8:00 pm EST, three African-American gentlemen ran up on an Asian man outside a parking garage located at 107 Essex Street. The apparent leader of the group allegedly pushed the Asian man down on the sidewalk whilst the other two removed his sneakers. The three males then fled the scene. 

According to police, the victim was unharmed in the attack and there is currently an ongoing investigation. 

The shoes that were stolen was a pair of Balenciaga Triple S ,which go for $950. 

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