Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: 50 pairs of sneakers taken from Little Rock home by armed intruder

Arkansas has is known for William Jefferson Clinton, the Razorbacks and the largest domestic drug operation in history and now it is provided the setting for the latest edition of Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers.

It should also serve as a lesson to be careful as to not only who you let into your home but also to whom you show what you have.

According to police, an armed man broke into a Little Rock residence and stole scores of Air Jordans.

According to a police report, thirty-three-year-old Marquis Slate stated he was getting out of his car at 11:26 p.m. in front of a home located at 10101 W. 20th when an armed man approached him. The individual allegedly kicked and pistol-whipped and forced Slater to open the home’s front door. Once inside, the man forced Slater and two women who were already there into a back bedroom where Slater maintained approximately 200 pairs of new Air Jordans. The robber then forced the three to load around 50 pairs of sneakers into Slater’s grey 2018 Dodger Challenger. The sneakers were valued at an estimated $8,750. The report states that ,”many people” were aware of the sneaker collection.

In additions to the shoes, the intruder also stole two cellphones, a pair of earrings and a Rolex watched valued at $30,000. The man also drove away in Slater’s car. The report states the vehicle was later found abandoned nearly a mile east of the home. It was impounded as evidence and no other stolen items were recovered.

According to police the description of the robber was that of a black man who wore gloves and partially covered his face. They said a more detailed description was not available.

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