German company Nat-2 produced sneaker made of hay and plastic bottles

German sneaker company Nat-2 has produced sustainable shoes featuring such materials as mushroom leather and coffee grounds. The Hayfield Alwiese Line is their latest ecologically friendly sneaker is composed of hayfield grass.

The 100% vegan, unisex sneakers are produced from real sustainable hay, grass and flowers that , depending on the style , will cover up to 50% of the shoe’s upper.

According to nat-2’s website, “The hayfield is pressed and applied to a layerbase….the patented material was developed in Germany and Austria while the final sneakers are 100% handmade in Italy and produced under fair conditions in a new family-run high-tech facility.

Like their other sustainable sneakers, the Hayfield Almwiese Line comes with a soft padded anti-bacterial cork insole and their glue is free of animal ingredients.

You can check out nat-2’s complete line of sustainable sneakers on their website.

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