Two German Companies work together to produce Vegan Mushroom Leather Sneakers

The coming together of two German companies have resulted in a new sustainable shoe made from recycled water bottles and plant-based mushroom leather. Munich-based high-end footwear engineering company nat-2 and Zvnder maker of mushroom leather accessories collaborated on birthing the shoes, which feature mushroom-based leather, eco-cotton terry cloth and a PET plastic composed from single-use water bottles.

The shoes are vegan, organic, and chemical-free. They are produced by hand in small batches in a tiny Italian manufacturing facility and require a year of development after a carefully harvesting the mushrooms by hand.

Created by Nina Fabert in 2017, Zvnder was based on her master’s thesis of developing a vegan leather composed of mushrooms.

Nat-2 was established by a sixth-generation German shoemaker, Sebastian Thies. His aim is to marry classic design with futuristic design and is inspired by ’90’s graffiti and streetwear and the looks of 80’s technology.



*images via nat-2

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