Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Teen in Jersey City ‘sneaker’ murder will be prosecuted as adult

Our never-ending documentation of when the lure of leather and rubber causes people to divorce lucidity takes us to Jersey City, New Jersey where a youngster learned that when you play stupid games ,you win stupid prizes.

Although he just turned 18, Devante Dormena was 17 when he was charged with killing a Jersey City man over pair of sneakers. Despite him being a minor at the time of the slaying , Dormena will be charged as an adult.

Jose “Migue” Malave

Dormena and 19-year-old Nasiar Day are charged with the November 14 murder of Jose “Migue” Malave inside his home.

The family of the victim said Malave he was defending his son during an attempted sneaker robbery. The two teens were arrested not long after the senseless murder.

If convicted, Dormena could be facing 30 years to life in prison.

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