German sneaker brand nat-2 launches sneakers made from recycled coffee grounds

In April, we brought you the story of high-end German sneaker brand nat-2 ,who in collaboration with fellow German company Zvnder, produced a vegan mushroom leather sneaker.

Nat-2 is now using repurposed coffee grounds into their nat-2 Coffee Line.

According to the brand themselves, the sneaker is 100% vegan, unisex and the uppers are made of from real sustainable recycled coffee, coffee beans and coffee plants. Depending on the style, (there is both a low and versions) up to 50% of the shoe will be covered in coffee. The type of coffee utilized can vary depending upon sustainable availability. The portions of the shoes that resemble suede or nappa leather are actually made from recycled PET bottles. The shoes feature a soft  anti-bacterial cork midsole, while the outsole is made from real rubber and the glue is free from animal ingredients.

The material used on the coffee line was developed developed in Germany, the sneakers are 100% handmade in Italy and produced at a family-run high-tech facility.













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