Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Shots fired and Nikes taken in robbery

For two relatives, armed robbery seems to be a family affair.

Officers said one of the men subsequently pulled out a handgun and said “Give me everything.” The other male then began to grab approximately ten pairs of Nikes and placed them in their vehicle. court documents indicate.

Police said the victim hurriedly ran outside the premises when the suspects started shutting t them. Another business owner who happened to be outside as the shots were fired, was forced to take cover, and it was later determined that one of the shots impacted a few feet from where he was forced to take cover.

Not even ten minutes later, Memphis police responded to a shooting on Clinton Road, where a male who was identified as Travarus Bonds was shot in the leg. The shooter was by a person unknown and the motive for the shooting was also unknown.

As police were attempting to provide first aid to Bonds, the other male got back in the Altima and drove off. Court documents stated the same male returned to the scene on foot and was subsequently identified as Jernell Bonds, Travarus’ cousin.

The vehicle in question was later discovered by police in the driveway of an abandoned home.

According to Carleton Dougas, the nephew of the owner of Piecez of Couture said the owners “gave them a business card. I guess on the business card it say the address and stuff it say so they came right back to rob them in the morning. That’s crazy.”

Travarus Bonds was taken to the hospital to be treated for his wounds It was later ascertained the two Bonds males were responsible for the robbery. This was corroborated by Jernell, who have a full confession after this arrest; he was charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and attempted first-degree murder.

His cousin Travarus was charged with theft of property $1,000 or less as well as aggravated robbery.

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