Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Buckhead sneaker sale ends up in robbery

Police in Atlanta, Georgia are looking for the perpetrator in a sneaker sale that morphed into an armed robbery.

According to authorities, on September 8 in Buckhead a meeting was arranged between an 18-year-old and a buyer to purchase a pair of high end footwear for $400. The meeting location was set in a busy shopping plaza in the middle of Buckhead.

A photo released by officials of the stolen footwear

The presence of scores of people and being in broad daylight did not deter the “buyer” from flashing a gun and demanding the shoes. After grabbing the shoes, the thief dashed out the shopping center parking and absconding in a getaway vehicle.

Officer Steve Avery recommended that buyers and sellers who engage in these types of transactions meet at a police precinct, saying “We don’t want anyone to get killed over a pair of sneakers,” 

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