Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: D.C. Police Cadet involved in sneaker robbery

A Washington D.C was on the path to enforcing the law, now finds himself on the other side of the judicial system following his role in a sneaker robbery in Montgomery County, Maryland back in March.

According to charging documents, police cadet, 19-year-old Christian Santos and another male responded to a Facebook advertisement for a pair of Air Jordan XIIs. However, at the agreed upon meeting location ,on Montrose Road, rather than taking out money, a gun was allegedly pulled on the seller and the two then departed with their ill-gotten kicks,

Prosecutors indicated that Santos admitted to being behind the wheel of the getaway car, but Santos’ attorney said his client disputes the account him using a gun.

Metropolitan Police Department spokesman told Washington , DC’s News4 that Santos was fired following his arrest.

This not the first time a DC-area public servant was involved in sneaker-related criminality; back in December 2018, we reported on Davon Moore, District of Columbia firefighter, who was arrested following a disagreement with a sneaker seller that ended with a gun displayed and Moore leaving with a pair of high-dollar sneakers.

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