Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: FL Duo fuels sneaker purchases with Armed Robbery

When two males entered a Foot Locker in Fort Lauderdale , they appeared to just be another pair of customers, however what was not known at the time that they were less than 20 minutes out from committing one crime and in the act of another.

Eighteen minutes prior to their entering the Foot Locker, one of the pair drew down on a man who was unloading the back seat of his truck.

The victim said he heard the sound of a gun cocking behind him and turned around to find it pointing at his head. Detectives said he was then ordered to turn back around while the robbers went through his pockets, taking his wallet, cash and jewelry.

The robbers then used one of ill-gotten credit cards to make a purchase at the aforementioned Foot Locker and then went to a second one, but the card was declined there.

Surveillance footage of the two males revealed one suspect was wearing a black hat with yellow graphics, all black clothing , a gold chain and white sneakers. The other male was wearing a white shirt , black pants with gray and black sneakers.

Authorities have asked anyone who recognizes the two males in the video or can shed new light on the case can contact Detective Keith Rosen at (954) -321-4253. Anonymous tipsters can phone them in to Broward Crime Stoppers or online at

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