Stupid Things People Do for Sneakers: Memphis males charged in pistol-whipping sneaker theft

Two males are looking at multiple charges for their role in the pistol-whipping and robbery of a man.

Sunday evening Memphis police were called to the 3500 block of Pearson Road; the victim told officers that he was struck in the face by a man later ,identified as Emmanuel Meniru, with a gun and then took his “Oreo” Air Jordan 4s.

It was a pair of the “White Oreo” Air Jordan 4 that the victim was robbed an pistol-whipped for

Further investigation led to the home of Marvin Hillard ; eight individuals inside the home were subsequently detained. Police documents indicated one of those detainees was Meniru, who was wearing an empty gun holster. According to police documents, police obtained a search warrant to enter the residence and view surveillance footage from the home. The footage showed Meniru at the driver side door of the victim’s vehicle making pulling motions that resulted in him holding the victim’s shoes. Meniru then entered Hillard’s house. A search of the home uncovered the aforementioned sneakers and the victim’s wallet. Three handguns and crack cocaine were also discovered.

Marvin Hillard (left) and Emmanuel Meniru (right) (Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

Mr. Hillary told law enforcement he was a convicted felon. Meniru was charged with aggravated assault, while Hillary was charged withbeing an accessory after the fact, three counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun, possession of a firearm during the of a felony, and manufacturing, delivering or selling a controlled substance.

Both Hillary and Meniru are due in court May 31.

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