Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: MN Man pistol-whipped, robbed of Air Jordans

This instalment of Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers takes us to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where yet another would be sneaker seller found himself the victim of armed robbery.

According to a criminal complaint, 32-year-old Roderick Pierce of Brooklyn Park responded to a Snapchat posting about buying a pair of Air Jordans. After agreeing to the $1,000 asking price, for some mystifying reason the meeting place was the seller’s home.

The buyer was recognised by the seller/victim as a regular client at the smoke shop where he worked. Pierce took a look at the shoes and then told the seller he was going to get money from his car, but “surprisingly” he did not return with cash but a handgun. The complaint stated the seller attempted to reclaim the shoes but Pierce struck him the gun; Pierce then ran to his car.

The commotion from the altercation alerted someone in the house who then ran out to the garage. This bystander was standing near the seller/victim when Pierce allegedly backed his car up and fired two shots through the passenger window before speeding away.

Thankfully no one was hit by the shots. According to investigators the homeowner heard the scuffle and subsequent gunshots and bullet fragments were found in the house close to where the seller was standing.

Home surveillance footage captured images of Pierce , who with his unique tattoos and clothing, was soon arrested.

Pierce was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and drive-by shooting. If convicted on the charges he could face up to 30 years in prison.

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