Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers : PA sneaker thief back at it

In our last edition of Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers, we covered the story of a seller who was fooled by counterfeit cash used at an arranged sale. It seems that was a busy day , because that was not the only person that was victimized that fateful Thursday.

Shortly after allegedly committing his first theft of the day, a seller arrived at a predetermined meeting location ( set up through Offer Up), another shopping center parking lot. Upon his arrival, he was met by two males, one of which was the alleged perpetrator of the earlier sneaker theft.

According to Bristol Borough Police, the males paid with cash, that the seller saw was counterfeit, when he confronted them about this, one of the males brandished a handgun before leaving the area.

Bristol Borough Police Chief Steven Henry told that the sneakers stolen were the “Zebra” adidas Yeezy, “Stone” adidas Yeezy and the “Slate” adidas Yeezy.

Police’s description of the first suspect, which was identical to that of the Langhorne Borough PD, was a black male in his 20’s 5-foot-8 with short hair, some facial hair, glasses, wearing a black and red hoodie. The second suspect was described as a 5-foot-8 black male in his late 20’s with short hair and a gap in his teeth.

The gun-toting sneaker robbers drove off in a gray 2014 Chevrolet Impala.

Those with information on this crime are asked to call Officer Elifa Soto or Detective Bill Davis at (215) 788-7813.

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