Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Saginaw, MI sneaker spot burglarized

Saginaw, MI sneaker shop Kingdom Kicks unfortunately found itself the victim of a recent, however just a few days later the doors of the store are back open.

Police responded to an alarm from the store, located on Bay Road, early Sunday morning. The crooks used a sledgehammer to break through the front door. Kingdom of Kicks owner Don Evan, Jr. said the thieves were not able to get a lot of items, but those they did were of high value.

“They did steal items off of my wall and also from my sales floor ranging from T-shirts, shoes, display shoes . They did manage to get into the back of the store and ravage up a couple pair of shoes that were doubled up in the back.”

MR. Evans believes that his spot was targeted due to the fact he carries a lot of rare and expensive items.

“A lot of these items, they’re not cheap one, and two, they’re very difficult to get…The ones that they stole, the one shoe for instance was from 2015,” Evans said. “I’m never going to get that back. I’m never going to touch that again. I mean, I probably can, not the same size, not the same price margin, etcetera. It’s one of those things, it’s where a lot of this stuff is hand-picked by me, trying to give our community something that we can’t see every day.

Evans says his business will survive, however he indicated he will install security cameras in both the front and rear of the store.

What makes me happy is seeing people walk out of my store saying I got this here and couldn’t get it anywhere else

$8,000 worth of product was taken in the robbery.

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