Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Thieves Pilfer $7,200 in Air Jordans from Niketown NY

When it comes to obtaining the latest Air Jordans some will enter raffles, arrive to retailers hours or even days in advance, use bots to help secure releases online, or even pay people to wait in line for them. However for others, they’d rather not bother with any of those avenues and resort to breaking the law to get coveted kicks.

For two NY thieves, the chose the latter path. Monday evening at approximately 10P.M. EST, the two crooks made their way into Niketown NY and managed to get away with a carton of sneakers valued at $7,200. Surveillance footage caught the two men in the act of entering the store and stealing the sneakers. From the footage, it appears one acted as a lookout and the other doing the actual taking.

Although it has not been disclosed exactly which shoes were taken, there is reports it was the “Win Like ’96” Air Jordan 11 that released today, December 9th.

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