Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Two Brothers arrested for sneaker robbery

Police in Roslyn, NY have arrested a pair of brothers who robbed a man of approximately $1,800 worth of shoes.

Jean Vilca-Alvites, left, and Christopher Vilca face robbery and grand larceny charges after police said they stole $1,800 in sneakers during a shoe deal outside the Roslyn Hotel. (Nassau County Police Department)

According to police, Christopher Vilca, 21, and Jean Vilca-Alvites,19, approached a 35-year-old man outside if the Roslyn Hotel. Although the three had engaged in sneaker transactions in the past, on this occasion a dispute ensued and this led to Villa-Alvites letting the man know that he had a gun in his waistband. He then compelled the man to relinquish the bag that allegedly contained $1,800 worth of sneakers. The brothers took the bag and then departed the scene in a black Honda Pilot.

Days later police located the aforementioned SUV with Vilca-Alvites in it and subsequently arrested him. Vilca turned himself in soon thereafter.

The brothers each face charges of 2nd-degree robbery, 3rd-degree robbery and 4th-degree grand larceny.

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