Stupid Things People Do Over Sneakers: Va Man sentenced to 23 years in fatal shooting

Our never-ending journey chronicling sneaker fueled depravity takes us to Norfolk, Virginia where a man’s stupid decision cost another man his life and him 23 years of his own.

A 21-year old Virginia man will now have over 23 years to contemplate his actions. Lloyd”Buddy”Whitley-Cuffee was sentenced on May 25,2018 for killing 23-year-old Keith “Byrd” Moore in 2017.

If the fact this young man had his life snuffed out weren’t bad enough, even more tragic was the reason behind the killing- jokes over a pair of sneakers.

According to a witness’ testimony, Moore was making fun of the shoes Whitley-Cuffee’s younger brother was wearing- a pair of black Pumas. The witness also testified Whitley-Cuffee’s younger brother, Jaquan Whitley told Mr. Moore he was going to have someone beat him up. This precipitated the confrontation between Mr. Moore and Mr. Whitley-Cuffee. However rather than engaging Moore in fisticuffs, Whitley-Cuffee pulled a gun and shot him.

Mr. Whitley-Cuffee pled guilty to second-degree murder in October.

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