The LeExcuses never stop

Last night the Lakers and the Clippers met in a pivotal matchup with playoff implications. The Clippers emerged victorious , defeating the Lakers 125-118 in a game that was not as close as the final score would indicate. The win moved the Clippers in the number 5 seed in the Western Conference and also marked the 11th straight victory for the Clippers over their down-the hall rivals.

The cause for the loss, was not the hole they dug themselves in the second quarter , the demure play of Anthony Davis or even the putrid play of LeBron James in the first half, according to recently crowned NBA’s all-time leading scorer, the Lakers were befallen by a foe of which they stood no chance against- the NBA schedule.

You read that right

James had this to say after the game:

“It’s one of the toughest games we’ve had this year. Coming off the road trip and getting back late last night, after an overtime game … this was one of those scheduling conflicts in the season and definitely got the best of us tonight.”

Lebron and Anthony Davis, played in the team’s Tuesday night game- a 135-133 overtime win over the Jazz of Utah. Their presence on the court marked the first time these two highly trained and handsomely compensated athletes were asked to take part in professional basketball games scheduled on adjacent days since November.

LeBron passing the buck when things go wrong is nothing new. His sycophants in the media and amongst sports fans helped to push the “blameless King” narrative. Whenever a LeBron James teams wins it is because his greatness, when the team loses, it always because he does not have enough help or it is someone else’s fault. When the Cavaliers hit a rough path during his return to Cleveland, he blamed it on the roster, a roster he had a heavy hand in constructing, being “top-heavy” and they “needed more playmakers” When the Cavaliers were getting it handed to them in the Finals, it was because of a bad call in Game 1, JR Smith and a supposed hand injury and had nothing to do with the fact that the Warriors were simply a better team.

They can’t blame this guy anymore

This has continued in his time with the Lakers, Initially it was the young guys, then they traded their future to acquire Anthony Davis. Then it was the “ineptitude” of then coach Frank Vogel, but not the team’s refusal to play defense. Next, the shortcomings of the Lakers were places squarely at the feet of one Russell Westbrook III. Now it has turned to head coach Darvin Ham, and now Anthony Davis.

Meanwhile James’ retinue will continue to act as a deflector shield from the white hot light of accountability.

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