Mark Medina: Kevin Durant does not want to play with Lebron

There were some rumblings that Kevin Durant would join forces with Lebron James in Los Angeles. This was bolstered by rumors that LeBron allegedly texted KD about the two of them playing together. When KD signed a “one plus one” deal with Golden State this offseason, the speculation evolved to Durant possibly opting out and signing with the Warriors next offseason.

According to Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News,Kevin Durant does not want to play with James.

In a recent appearance on Yahoo Sports’ NBA podcast with Chris Mannix, Medina had this to say:

“I am willing to make a bet on Kevin Durant. I don’t see him going to the Lakers whatsoever, and I think the reason with that has to do with LeBron James. Now, he holds LeBron James in very high regard. You know, they have a good relationship, but LeBron’s the guy that he wants to compete for with championships and legacy…..“As much as he respects LeBron James, he’s his contemporary. It’s not like Kevin Durant is this younger player. And I think, whether it’s coming from LeBron or just the national narrative, I don’t think he would take kindly to this whole idea that LeBron would this kind of mentor figure.”

This should serve to assuage Warriors fans’ concern for the future of their team..for now.

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