The LeMedia is setting the excuse table

As great as LeBron James is, whenever his teams come up short it seems there is always an extenuating circumstances that were the cause of their defeat. The excuses, as varied and impuissant as they often are, rarely are attributed to the opponent simply being better. Cavalierly chucking teammates under the bust to cosplaying are previous and favorite tactics employed by James and his media retinue.

Down 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals, the Lakers are likely on the path to postseason slaughter courtesy of the Denver Nuggets. As such, the media arm of Klutch Sports has been working to build a narrative to shield their most high profile client away from any responsibility should the Lakers lose this series. A foot injury has already been floated about to preemptively explain any subpar play from James and consequently a Lakers defeat, because its unfathomable that the Denver Nuggets are simply a better team.

I’m not sure what’s worse- the fact they are going to these means to protect Lebron or the rank and file LeSycophants that will buy this drivel, hook, line and sinker.

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