The ROCKDEEP DAYLYT MANSA 4K is available for pre-order

ROCKDEEP is a black owned footwear and apparel brand that traces its beginnings back to 2013.

One of their latest offerings is the DAYLYT MANSA 4K.

Inspired by Mansa Musa, who for the unaware, was a black man who was the wealthiest man to ever walk the fact of the earth.

From the brand:

This Sneaker tells an unfiltered story of the pilgrimage of Mansa Musa the world’s richest man from West Africa to Mecca.

Read this again.  

Not the world’s richest black man.  Not Africa’s richest man.  The World’s richest man ever known by standards of then and now.

It also tells the full story of the journey and evolution of DAYLYT. 

Colors represent deep meaning in Africa. This release continues to tells a broad story of Black Pride and Wealth through ownership and philanthropy:

Black represents the Mansa Musa the man and his people of the Mali Empire as well as DAYLYT the omnipotent being who shares his gifts with the masses.

Gold represents the great wealth Mansa possesses but also shared with others. Gold also represents the spiritual purity of DAYLYT.

Charcoal / Grey is the stalwart of all colours; a representation of the constant, the strong foundation. Grey is security, authority, maturity, and stability.

The DAYLYT MANSA 4K is available for pre-orders at

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