Tuskegee football player Jabari Bailey has career tragically ended

Jabari Bailey was set to head to Tuskegee this summer for camp and begin to actualize his dream of playing college football.

Sadly that dream was ended when Bailey was helping a friend who car had malfunctioned, leaving him stranded on the side of the road. A car struck Bailey, pinning him between the two vehicles and severing his leg.

The entire university is heartbroken for Jabari, his family and for all of us who know him. There are no words to describe how it felt to hear this terrible news. The football team, athletic program and university will be there to support Jabari in any way we can throughout this incredibly difficult time in his life. – Tuskegee University athletics director and head football coach Willie Slater

A GoFundMe was setup by Tuskegee Athletics on behalf of Jabari and his family to assist with various expenses. Although the NCAA ( in one of their rare moments of possessing common sensical rules), does permit Tuskegee to directly pay for Jabari’s vital and necessary expenses related to him and his family, the GoFundMe extends past the realm of rehabilitation and any other related expenses.

The GoFundMe is in compliance with NCAA rules and all fans, supporters and donors to contribute to this worthy cause.

The GoFundMe falls under the following NCAA bylaw:

Under NCAA bylaw, if an NCAA school is involved, the name, image and likeness of the student-athlete can be used to help raise money for student-athletes (or their family members) under the following extreme circumstances:

  • Extreme circumstances should be extraordinary in the result of events beyond the student-athlete’s control (e.g., life-threatening illness, natural disaster);
    • The proceeds must be designated for a specific purpose (e.g., payment of medical bills, purchase of medical equipment, replacement of items lost in a fire, etc.)
    • The proceeds may be given directly to the beneficiaries, with receipt kept on file by the institution, which must include the amount of expenses incurred and the total amount received
  • Donations can be made here.
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