Twenty-Nine Student-Athletes received degrees at Albany State Spring Commencement

Of the nearly 600 students that received their degrees Saturday during Albany State University’s Fall Commencment, twenty-nine of them were student-athletes. Split over the course of the morning and evening sessions, the twenty-nine student-athletes represented eight teams. Broken down specifically as follows: 6 football, 5 softball, 5 baseball, 3 volleyball, 3 cheerleading 3 each from men’s and women’s basketball and 2 from women’s tennis.

College of Arts and Humanities

Major: Criminal Justice

  • Marvin Lewis, Football
  • Keona Livatt, Women’s Tennis
  • Stefan Whitehead, Football

Major: Mass Communications

  • Zane Fields, Football
  • Bryant Prather, Baseball
  • Theo Smith, Baseball (Cum Laude)

Major: Political Science

  • Justice Howard, Volleyball

Major: Social Work

  • Courtney Jenkins, Cheerleading

Major: Visual and Performing Arts

  • Gary Cannon, Baseball

College of Science & Technology

Major: Biology

  •  Kiara Thompson, Volleyball (Honors Programs Merit Scholar)

College of Business

Major: Accounting

  • Jeremy Arrington, Baseball
  • Jayson Snearl, Men’s Basketball

Major: Management

  • Eden Payano, Baseball

Major: Marketing

  • Danielle Turner, Softball

Darton College of Health Professionals

Major: Health and Human Performance

  • Jessica Barillas, Cheerleading
  • Toni Coleman, Softball
  • Keyanna Dawson, Softball
  • Lance Dixon, Men’s Basketball
  • Zuri Frost, Women’s Basketball
  • Dalviness Greene, Football
  • Nicholas Harris, Football
  • Samantha Heard, Women’s Tennis
  • Quintavious Martin, Football
  • Malea Maye, Softball
  • Jordan Stuckey, Volleyball

College of Education
Major: Early Childhood Education

  • An’jonai Nabors, Cheerleading

Major: Middle Grades Education

  • Demeshia Russell, Softball

Major: Secondary Education

  • Mecca Frost, Women’s Basketball
  • Julia Okongwu, Women’s Basketball


Mecca Frost and Julia Okongwu ( women’s basketball) were dual majors in Secondary Education and Health and Human Performance and received two degrees. Academic honors went to Theo Smith (baseball, Cum Laude) and Kiara Thompson (volleyball, Honors Program Merit Scholar).


Congratulations to all the graduates!


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