”What The” Kobe VIII Protro coming in 2025

After a dozen years in cold storage, the “What The” Kobe VIII is in the world to make its return in 2025, according to zsneakerheadz. 

As with other “What The” colorways, this Kobe VIII Protro is a visual amalgamation, drawing its mismatched aesthetic from a multitude of other Kobe VIII colorways. 

Although there are no images available of the 2025 iteration, the expectation is that it will be a fairly faithful recreation of the vibrant, multi-hued visual of its 2013 progenitor.  

Unfortunately, I fear that true fans of the man and his sneakers will find themselves in fierce competition for these with the death profiteers, who insidiously continue to enrich themselves on the back of a tragic event. 

Kobe VIII Protro

pictured below is the 2013 iteration

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