A sit down with Howard University champion swimmer Langston Weddington

Courtesy of Branson Brooks, Broadcast Journalism graduate, Howard University c/o ’24

Howard University Department of Athletics resumes its annual senior spotlight series, featuring recent broadcast journalism grad Branson Brooks sitting down with Northeast Conference (NEC) Champion Langston Weddington (Marietta, Ga.) from the men’s swimming & diving team.

Q: When did your interest in swimming competitively initially begin?
A: The interest started when I lost a race in a summer league as a kid at six years old and my parents already had me swimming because it is an important skill. I got my competitiveness from that loss and I kept swimming until I could beat that person.

Q: What do you like most about swimming?
A: What I like most about swimming is the team sport aspect, even though it is not really a team sport. We obviously compete individually and you can really see the work that you put in come to light. You do not have to rely on anybody else for success in the sport.

Another thing, which helps me get ready, is having teammates who have the same agenda while pushing each other to get better.

Q: What kept you motivated during your time at Howard?
A: What kept me motivated is seeing how much others care about me. The support we received from Howard, like the students, alumni and outside, was surprising. I did not realize how much of an impact we had on the community, especially little kids expressing one day to be part of the Howard swim team. It is a beautiful thing.

Q: How has swimming impacted your life?
A: The biggest thing I have learned through swimming is being okay with delayed success or gratification because, in swimming, we start off the season training. We have our meets early in the season, but our bodies are still adjusting. So, we do not really show progress until the second half of the year. Even if you are not seeing the results, knowing there is a payout down the road is rewarding. It is a really unique sport and experience, so I am glad the sport taught me about perseverance and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Q: How do you think your teammates would have described you?
A: My teammates would describe me as life of the party type guy (lol) because I am really fun and active. Even in the summer, I am always getting everybody together. So, I am definitely like the Energizer bunny (lol).

Q: How did you manage your time between training, school and extracurricular activities?
A: I got better each year with all three from balancing other organizations, being social on campus and making new friends. I just had to get better in saying no (lol).

Q: What or who will you miss at Howard?
A: I will miss the team because of the energy we brought every day. Being in that environment daily is definitely something I will really miss. It is not something that can get duplicated outside of Howard.

Q: Any last words or advice you would like to give to future Bison?
A: My advice is making sure that the first thing you do is get those grades, especially your first year, because Howard can be challenging. It just makes your life easy once the tough classes are done.

Also, make sure you are doing extra if you want to be successful. I did not see any success until I started staying after practice and doing extra training.

About Weddington:

  • Personal:
    • Hometown: Marietta, Ga.
    • Major: Sports Management
  • Academic Achievements at Howard:
    • NEC Academic Honor Roll
  • Athletic Achievements at Howard:
    • NEC Champion

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