Albany State released statement on Marcus Stokes

Unfortunately for himself, the name Marcus Stokes is more known for his off-the-field misdeeds than his gridiron exploits. The quarterback out of Ponte Verda Beach, FL had committed to the University of Florida, but that all changed when he decided to engage in some anti-black racism but doubled down on his fatuousness by video recording himself spouting the granddaddy of anti-black epithets , the n-word, as he sang along with a rap song.

Others offers dried up quicker than the Gobi Dessert as the video had made him nearly radioactive across the recruiting landscape.

That was until Albany State swooped in and made him an offer. Eventually lunacy undoubtedly fuelled by the negative backlash, wore off and new head coach Quinn Gray Sr. had to release a statement that walked that back, once again showing that it is never a good thing if your new head coach has to release a statement of any kind.

Let us hope that Coach Grey, Albany State and HBCUs as a whole learn that HBCUs have a standard, and while there is a place for giving young men and women second chances, such courtesy should never be extended to those who engage in anti-black racism in words or deeds.

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